A collection of good and bad practices

During the two years period (Oct 2011 - July 2013) of the “Volunteers of Cycling Academy” [zobacz >>>] 12 partner organizations of the project gathered a lot of of best and worse velo practices.

This collection describes almost 100 practices regarding cycling in a cohesive structure, illustrated with photographs. Contents are divided into several categories, including infrastructure, intermodality and education. It shows real examples of good and bad planning and implementation of different cycling solutions in the cities and countries of the partners. The collection’s aims is to encourage authorities and stakeholders to look for the exciting practices and to replicate them instead of reinventing the wheel. It can serve as a guide for policy makers, activists, designers and engineers.

Download the collection (PDF, 7.5 MB)


People interested in best practices regarding non-motorized may also refer to Best practice to Promote cycling and walking available at www.statensnet.dk/pligtarkiv/fremvis.pl?vaerkid=12587&reprid=0&filid=206&iarkiv=1

Comparative catalogue of problems

Another VOCA product is the Comparative catalogue of problems. It contains a list of problems and obstacles that hinder the development of cycling in cities and countries participating in VOCA. It consists of a set of uniform answers to questions given by cycling activists from 12 countries participating in the project.

Download the catalog: