On Thursday, 21st February, activists from several environmental groups held a protest at the Ministry of Finance's recent decision to cut public spending in sectors such as health care, education and public transport, whilst increasing the budget for building new roads. Members of Warsaw's Green Federation staged a street theatre performance in which they satirized an old communist propaganda campaign, The Whole Nation Builds Its Capital, and changed it into The Whole Nation Builds Its Highways.

The original campaign sought to convince the population that there was no problem with pouring money into Warsaw at the expense of other regions, whilst the new version showed enthusiastic nurses, teachers, farmers and students queueing up to sign over their overtime money, subsidies and grants to the great road-building project. A 'spontaneous show of support' was also present, with enthusiastic chanting of pro-highways slogans such as 'Asphalt heals! Asphalt educates!' and 'New bridges - solution for the homeless!'

It also showed that once the road was built, the only ones who benefited were the businessmen who could now transport their goods around quickly and cheaply (subsidised by the public purse), and the politicians who had reaped rewards for helping their business friends to realise their scheme.

The demonstration also included the handing over of a petition and some large banners, and was successful in gaining media coverage from newpapers and television.