From April 2015 to March 2016 Green Mazovia is implementing a project entitled United for a barrier-free Warsaw open to everyone.

The aim of the project is to prevent exclusion and discrimination of people with disabilities, mothers with baby carriages, and elderly people who have difficulty with getting around Warsaw due to various barriers such as a lack of pedestrian crossings.

The project consists of interventions (including ones conducted together with those at risk of social exclusion), consulting (meetings with and consultations for residents), as well as publicizing problems (e.g. through happenings) and public education (including training for bus drivers and students of road and traffic engineering). We hope that by working together with local residents (persons with disabilities, parents, seniors and all those who want the city to be friendly to everyone) we will contribute to the elimination of the causes and manifestations of exclusion of people with mobility problems, as well as raise awareness of such problems and their consequences. The main goal of the project is to make all the residents of the capital feel comfortable in public spaces and be able to easily get to them and move around them.

People experiencing difficulties in getting around Warsaw can report their problems or ask for advice or possible solutions by e-mail ( ) or phone (22 621 77 77 - a consultant is available on Thursdays between 2:30 and 5:00 PM).

We also encourage you to like the project’s Facebook page where you can find interesting articles, hints, and information on the interventions and actions we’re currently undertaking.

The project United for a barrier-free Warsaw open to everyone is being realized as part of the Citizens for Democracy program thanks to a grant from the European Economic Area.