2005 Annual Report by Board of the ZM Association, translation: Konrad Dybek.

Organization details

Name and address

Name: Zielone Mazowsze;

Address: ul. Nowogrodzka 46 flat no 6, 00-695 Warszawa.

KRS (Court Register)

Date of KRS Registration: 2002.07.30;

KRS Number: 0000125160;

REGON Number: 012636266.

Members of the Board

President – Aleksander Buczyński, living in Warsaw;

Vicepresident– Wojciech Szymalski, living in Warsaw;

Cashier - Krzysztof Rytel, living in Warsaw;

Secretary - Marcin Czajkowski, living in Warsaw;

Board Member - Marcin Myszkowski, living in Konstancin - Jeziorna.

Statute Goals and objectives

1. To spread environmental, vegetarian, civil liberties, pacifist and human rights ideas,

2. To influence the state of the natural environment and public health,

3. To inform the society about the current state of and threats to the environment,

4. To popularize pro-ecological behaviour, solutions and technologies,

5. To prevent behaviour, processes or investments that could endanger the state of the natural environment,

6. To inspire and support citizens’ actions within the field of environmental protection,

7. To protect subjects and areas of special natural, cultural or historical value,

8. To defend the rights of consumers,

9. To help non-motorised victims of road accidents,

10. To organise sightseeing and leisure for youth and children,

11. To help persons in difficult living conditions, to equalize their chances, to prevent social exclusion and to activate professional development amongst the youth and the unemployed.

Realisation of Statute goals and objectives

In 2005 the Zielone Mazowsze Association undertook the following activities to fulfil its statutory goals and objectives:

Sections 1 and 4

Activities to promote environmentally friendly behaviour, solutions and technologies were primarily the organisation of monthly bicycle rides – Warsaw Critical Mass. In 2005 there were twelve such rides. They attracted from around 200 people (January, December) to a record breaking 2360 in May. After some of the events, extra festivities took place such as a bike riding competition.

Moreover, the association promoted everyday cycling. The major project in 2005 was to prepare a framework conception of the bicycle routes network for Ursus District of Warsaw. Work included bicycle traffic measurement, safety audits based on police and Department of Road Management (ZDM) data, public surveys and in-depth consultations – just to mention a few. In addition to plans of the cycle paths network complex arrangement were suggested: implementation in stages, placing of bicycle parking lots and storage facilities, blueprints of appropriate road signs and standards of performance of bicycle infrastructure. All reports with a selection of pictures and drawings are available on ZM website. Process of creation itself is innovative Poland-wide.

We supported Polish Ecological Club [PKE] and Przemysl Town Betterment organization [Towarzystwa Ulepszania Miasta Przemyśla] in their initiative called Exotic Poland Bicycle Route [Trasa Rowerowa Polski Egzotycznej]. Idea here is to develop environmental friendly forms of tourism along Poland eastern border. Our part was to publish website with recommended routes, its photos and a manual for local municipalities interested in this issue. Website has already reached 4000 hits a month. Materials for thematic brochures published in the beginning of 2006 have been collected. Promotion of the findings in big cities has been initiated.

In 2005 ZM promoted good solutions for green public spaces during educational project ‘What’s up with this Warsaw?’ [Co z tą Warszawą?]. In September and October on Świętokrzyska Tube Station we showed exhibition of inspiring photographs from Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and other cities. On the same spot, in October and November we unveiled our own green areas plans which soon later were implemented with participation of inhabitants.

Members of the Association promoted environmental friendly transport:

- by conducting presentations on Czech-German-Polish conference "Pollution of City Centre by Individual Traffic - Public participation in solving the traffic problems" (Prague, May 2005);

- during seminar Greenways (Warsaw, Targówek, June 2005);

- on SITK Warsaw Branch forum dedicated to Advocate for Non-Motorized (Warsaw, September 2005);

- having a speech during conference on narrow gauge railways detailing funding opportunities on such railways (Łódź, 28.10.2006);

- during another seminar on how to incorporate bicycle tourism into local economy improvement and sustainable development (Suwałki, November 2005);

- on the conference entitled "Models of local government cooperation with NGOs and citizens’ initiatives" (Warsaw, December 2005);

In 2005 we continued to publish free quarterly bulletin "Zielone Światło" [Green Light]. It is designed for government officials, environmental charities and interested companies like town transport corporations. Of 3 issues, first was dedicated to bicycle transport, second – non-motorized road users, third – regional rail.

Regional rail was something we put plenty of effort in 2005. Main project was Bureau on Coordination of Train Communication [BKKK] in Opole town. Within this project we have been commissioned to coordinate train transport in Opole Region, in partnership with Voivodeship Marshal Office. Agreement gave us authority to opinion and correct train timetables and any related letters or legal documents. Our Association made sure contracted out train companies was carrying its job with agreed upon performance indicators. We surveyed train attendance.

Our great success was re-establishing after 5-years break the connection Nysa - Brzeg in February 2005 and connection Opole - Kluczbork in October 2005.

ZM stood up to defend train lines from being shut down or restricted. To do this, ZM cooperated with local authorities in Ostrów Mazowiecki, Platerów, Sierpc, Płońsk and, just after New Year, in Płock.

The Association assisted in preparing a SGP Global Environmental Facility grant proposal (50000 USD) for SKPL [Stowarzyszenie Kolejowych Przewozów Lokalnych]. The idea was to set up independent biofuel facility and upgrade Krosniewice Local Railway [Krośniewicka Kolej Dojazdowa]. We were successful and since August 2005 SKPL have launched project co-funded by GEF.

Section 2

We actively participated in various public consultations realizing our mission: National Development Plan 2007-2013, Poland Transport Policy 2005-2025, Transport Operational Programme Monitoring Committee and others. On this occasion we would like to stress our effort in creation of Polish NGOs common negotiation paper for National Development Plan 2007-2013.

As far as down-to-earth consultations we took part in investments where EU structural funding was involved, namely (all in Warsaw): Starzyńskiego Roundabout improvement, Siekierkowska Highway construction, Jerozolimskie Avenue modernization, sewage treatment improvements, Gocławek-Okęcie Tramline modernization, implementation of Park and Ride system, Warsaw - Gdynia E65 and Warsaw - Radom railways improvements, area in PKiN vicinity. We always pointed out especially the necessity to provide appropriate provisions for bicycle and public transport. Most significant changes to cycle lanes plans we put into Jerozolimskie Avenue modernization project.

Section 3

The association informed wider society on current state and threats to the natural environment. We run popular website that links all particular ZM undertakings: Sustainable Transport Centre [CZT], Advocate for Non-Motorized, What’s up with this Warsaw [Co z tą Warszawą] initiative, Bureau on Coordination of Train Communication [BKKK], E-59 public consultation website, Exotic Poland Bicycle Route [TRPE], youth hostel. We publish regularly all relevant information about the association activities and any environmental or transport problems that do arise. Separate webpage of Warsaw Critical Mass also exists.

Apart from the internet Polish Railways Corporation [PKP PLK S.A.] commissioned us to conduct public consultation on Wroclaw-Poznan E-59 railway improvement. In addition to internet we spread the word on the project by several thousands of posters and flyers and in regional newspapers. We organized four open hearings in Bojanowo, Żmigród, Kościan and Mosin and two meetings for local government in Żmigród and Oborniki Śląskie. All meetings were recorded, photographed as needed and shorthanded. All views were orderly forwarded to the Polish Railways Corp. for consideration.

Section 5

In order to prevent behaviours, processes or investments that could endanger state of the natural environment we legally speaking participated in the investment processes as representing the affected persons as defined in relevant Environmental Impact Assessment and planning legislation. These investments were: mobile phone base stations, roads especially motorways, hypermarket chain stores, and housing developments in areas of pristine natural value. Also, we put our views into local planning process on regular basis.

Section 6

To inspire and support citizens’ actions within environmental protection field we shared our central Warsaw base with other groups (Greenpeace – to name best known) for meetings.

Since August 2005 we have been running "What’s up with this Warsaw?" [Co z tą Warszawą?] Campaign. We help inhabitants groups who intend to enrich their neighbourhoods with living plants and green spaces. As much as 50 groups signed up and in 2005 seven projects have been done, which include various lawns, community gardens and flower beds in the following places: ul. Chotomowska 3, ul. Darwina 7, ul. Narbutta 44, ul. Opaczewska 13, ul. Polna 54, ul. Szczęśliwica 4, ul. Tyniecka 27, ul. Nowogrodzka 46 (promotional project where we are). Warsawers committed to take good care of the gardens once they are established in the years to come.

At the beginning of 2005 we developed a webpage for NGOs who takes part in EU structural funding committees. In December, the association started a project that is to create a coalition for sustainable transport.

Section 8

Defending the rights of the consumers ZM acted mainly through Non-Motorized Advocate year round. More than 30 interventions were taken up on Warsawers’ request. These were concerns on obstacles in traffic for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. Within the project, since September, there is a possibility to comment and complain about railway/trains services in Opole region. This can be done in person at ul. Ks. Damrota 10, Opole address, by telephone or via internet. More than 50 persons took such opportunity.

With regards to cyclists and pedestrian interests we kept putting comments on roads planning and management. We took part in 10 technical hearings of Town Traffic and Road Management [ZDM]; we met many times Principal Warsaw Traffic Engineer and road planning firms directly. As a result we positively influenced solutions in the following spots: Broniewskiego Str., Marymoncka Str., Płaskowicka Str., Kabacka Str., Gardziejewskiego Str., Warszawska Rd., Jagiełły Str., Wał Miedzeszyński Rd. and pedestrian-cycle bridge over Toruńska Trasa Highway.

We conducted over 50 interventions on public transport. It is worth mentioning those successful: new bus around Czysty area, illegal parking near Olimpia Sport Club, lowering kerbs on Krzyżanowskiego Str., number 6 tramline, and shortening bus lines that doubled the Tube, separate bus lane on Modlińska Str., common bus stop for all routes leaving from Warszawa Wschodnia train station.

We are a member of ‘Towns for Bicycles’ [Miasta dla Rowerów] network and as such we worked on Poland wide document Bicycle Policy [Polityka Rowerowa]. In the effort to amend Traffic Code we keep in touch with National Council for Road Safety [Krajowa Rada Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego] and it was our job to initiate first parliamentary Infrastructure Committee dedicated to bicycles (March 2005). We prepared comments to change several secondary regulations that are crucial to planning of cycle facilities (technical conditions, road signs, safety management issues). We consulted proposal of European Council and European Parliament Regulation /COM(2005) 319/. We acted whenever possible to encourage sensible use of regional rail by participation in topical meetings:

1. Conference on railways in politics and business: "Kolej - biznes, czy polityka?" - 27 April 2005

2. Meeting for MPs: "Kolej i Rynek" in May 2005 in Polish Parliament.

3. Conference on railways strategic development: "Strategia dla transportu - program rozwoju czy likwidacji kolei?" – 23 June 2005

and others.

Section 10

ZM Association has been running youth hostel in designated space of our rented base. Hostel can accommodate 18 persons in three rooms: 4, 6 or 8 beds each. Guests have two bathrooms, kitchen and living room.

During 2005 there were five open discussion club meetings: 8.1.2005, 22.1.2005, 12.2.2005, 26.2.2005 and in July 2005 followed by independent movie shows. Themes included contemporary environmental, social and political problems and their interdependence.

Section 11

To prevent social exclusion and to activate professional development amongst the youth and the unemployed, we were running unpaid apprenticeship programme for students and graduates. Each stay lasts for 3 months on one of these posts: graphic designer, webmaster, office coordinator, editor, researcher, paralegal assistant, project coordinator. During 2005 five persons completed the programme.

Main sponsors

Name of Project Source Donation amount Term
Non-Motorised Advocate (old project) Batorego Fund 39.900 PLN June 2004 – May 2005
Development of ZM Association Skills in sustainable transport area European Commission, budget B7-030 (PHARE) 19.950 Euro March 2004 - February 2005
Structural Fund information service for NGOs National Environmental Fund [NFOŚiGW] 6.600 PLN December 2004 - March 2005
Exotic Poland Bicycle Route GEF UNDP Poland 3.100 PLN March - June 2005
Public consultation on Wrocław - Poznań E-59 railway improvement Polish Railways Corp. PKP PLK S.A. 8.700 PLN March - April 2005
Grant proposal for SKPL GEF UNDP Poland 1000 USD February – March 2005
Network of Bicycle Lanes for Ursus Ursus District, Warsaw 18730 PLN June - September 2005
Bureau on Coordination of Train Communication (BKKK) Regional Marshall Office in Opole 91.988 PLN February - December 2005
Exotic Poland Bicycle Route GEF UNDP Poland 6.480 PLN June – December 2005
"What's up with this Warsaw?" Educational Action Ministry of Social Affairs, Citizens Initiatives Fund 68.200 PLN August - December 2005
Non-Motorised Advocate Ministry of Social Affairs, Citizens Initiatives Fund 47.800 PLN August - December 2005
Non-Motorised Advocate (new project) Batorego Fund 39.900 PLN November 2005 - October 2006
Sustainable Transport Centre Coalition of NGOs European Commission, Budget B7-030 (PHARE) 23.287 Euro December 2005 - August 2006