Volunteers of Cycling Academy (VOCA) is a partnership network initiated by the Green Mazovia, whose goal is to strengthen adult activists and volunteers of cycling advocacy organisations by

1. improving their knowledge and competences about high quality, bike-friendly infrastructure by studying real examples in various EU cities as well as theoretical engineering and policy principles;

2. the possibility to discuss and learn from each other by exchange and sharing of experiences;

3. making them more skilled in raising awareness of and cooperation with municipalities, traffic engineers, drivers, police and residents.

The Participants will visit cities with high or growing bicycle modal share like Copenhagen or Vienna and look for what are the success factors in shifting people from cars to bicycles. Not so advanced cities will be visited as well, to look for what needs to be improved and to gain insights on how to do it. During these “practical lessons” the Participants will be comparing different traffic conditions in visited cities, looking for good practice examples that can be replicated and identifying problems which need to be solved, at local and also at the EU level.

Finally, a catalogue of problems and good practices will be prepared and published to be reused by everybody interested in the information. One of the deliverables of this project will be an assessment of the most important and urgent needs of European Cyclists, as well as a report on the negative factors that inhibit the development of bycicle friendly solutions.

It will be a social contribution to future EU policies, legislation etc. in terms of sustainable transport and urban areas development, from the cycling community of users that already use this means of transportation today.

VOCA is running under the Grundtvig Partnership of The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) 2011-2013, funded by EU.

For more - visit VOCA wiki service at wiki.radlobby.at/VOCA

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