About Zielone Mazowsze

Zielone Mazowsze (Green Mazovia) association was establised in 1994 r. We are a regional organisation, operating in Warsaw and working on environmental problems of the agglomeration and the Mazovia region, but also undertaking initiatives... »

2015.11.10: Freeing pedestrians from the dungeons in Warsaw

Green Mazovia was awarded a Walking Visionaries Award at the 2015 Walk21 Conference in Vienna for our efforts to "Free pedestrians from the dungeons", i.e. ensure the possibility of crossing streets at ground level rather than having to... »

2015.05.05: A mock pedestrian crossing unrolled in the Warsaw city center

On May the 5th the Green Mazovia Association organized a happening in favor of ground-level pedestrian crossings near the Warsaw Central raiway station. Partner organizations from the Wheeler Federation took part in the happening which... »

2015.04.18: United for a barrier-free Warsaw open to everyone

From April 2015 to March 2016 Green Mazovia is implementing a project entitled United for a barrier-free Warsaw open to everyone. The aim of the project is to prevent exclusion and discrimination of people with disabilities, mothers with... »

2014.03.17: Cooperation towards people-friendly cities

Green Mazovia and the Committee for Community Dialogue on Transport (KDS - a grouping of 20 NGOs meeting regularly in the Warsaw Office for Investment Coordination) have been awarded a grant from European Economic Area Grants to implement... »

2010.11.05: Improving the environmental communication and awareness of migrants

ICAMS (Improving the environmental communication and awareness of migrants and social disadvantaged citizens) is a learning partnership with the objective, to give small adult education institutions the possibility to exchange and share... »

2006.04.29: 2005 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report by Board of the ZM Association, translation: Konrad Dybek. Name: Zielone Mazowsze; Address: ul. Nowogrodzka 46 flat no 6, 00-695 Warszawa. Date of KRS Registration: 2002.07.30; KRS Number: 0000125160; REGON Number:... »

2003.12.31: 2003 Activities Report

In 2003 we undertook the following activities: In March, the Association started renting an apartment in Warsaw on 46 Nowogrodzka Str. Apt. 6. The place is huge - 188 sqr. meters (overall 11 rooms including two kitchens and two full... »

2002.12.31: 2002 Activities Report

We organised traditional first-day-of-spring bike ride entitled "Move your big belly" and Car Free Day in the town of Piaseczno. We helped progressive young artists with "Rowelucja" (Velorution) bike-art festival. As June 2002 Critical... »

2002.02.19: Environmentally friendly shopping

Environmentally friendly shopping is an awareness raising campaign to reduce packaging waste production, with special focus on returnable bottles promotion. This project is a co-operative project prepared by partner organisations:... »

1999.07.27: Young City Cyclists in Poland and the Netherlands

The exchange project was realised with financial support from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw (PL/MATRA-KAP/1999/02) and the "Youth for Europe" Programme (YFE: A.1-PL-12-98-R3). The project "Young City Cyclists in the Netherlands... »

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