2016.11.26: Lewis-Mogridge position - the example of Warsaw

Urban streets are ruled by Lewis-Mogridge position. This, so called, iron law of congestion, describes the relationship between the construction of roads and road traffic. According to Mogridge (1990) traffic expands to meet the available... »

2015.10.12: Do not push the red button: a case against manual pedestrian detection in urban areas

The article below is a draft submitted to the Transport Research Arena 2016 conference. Traffic lights in urban transport systems are often designed to take into account the situation on the road, i.e. detect vehicles and optimize road... »

2015.05.05: A mock pedestrian crossing unrolled in the Warsaw city center

On May the 5th the Green Mazovia Association organized a happening in favor of ground-level pedestrian crossings near the Warsaw Central raiway station. Partner organizations from the Wheeler Federation took part in the happening which... »

2012.06.13: SUSTRANS - Green Mazovia about energy efficiency

On 15th May 2012 under the project SUSTRANS Green Mazovia organized a meeting on energy efficiency in Polish transport policy. The meeting was attended by representatives of two ministries: transport and environment, city hall: public... »

2011.07.31: Test of elevators on pedestrian over- and underpasses in Warsaw

During the last 10 years many road construction and modernisation projects in Warsaw included elevators as means to provide accessibility of grade separated pedestrian crossing for people with walking difficulty, wheelchair or pram. During... »

2011.02.07: Letter to EC against shifts of funds from rail to roads

To: - Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy. Copy to: - Dirk Ahner, European Commission’s Regional Policy Directorate-General; - EESC European Economic and Social Committee. Concerning: Poland. Re: Planned shifts... »

2009.11.11: Local government and society cooperation towards sustainable transport

Transportation has an obvious and strong climate impact and plays a key role in the quality of life in towns. To decrease GHG emissions and improve everyday life we must reduce the share of private car in the modal split. In Poland people... »

2008.10.01: An attempt to evaluate level of external costs internalisation in Poland

Full internalisation of external costs of transport is a basic need for better intermodality as it was shown in European policy documents and analyses. Only then real costs of transport will be bared by user. This should force him to seek... »

2007.04.10: Pope John Paul II about heavy sin on the environment

(Translation from Polish by Konrad Dybek) Politicians and bureaucrats in Poland are dashing to manifest admiration of John Paul II. Pictures from a papal audience or a mass often appear during election campaign to give a candidate more... »

2007.02.12: Rospuda River Valley in Danger of Ignorance

Rospuda River Valley is located in North-East Poland, near Augustow town. That area, popular tourist destination, "land of a thousand lakes" is also recognized as green lungs of Europe together with adjacent forests of Belarus, Lithuania... »

2003.02.12: Warsaw

Warsaw is a city with 1,7 mln inhabitants, 0,8 mln cars and 1,0 mln bikes. Most of trips are made by public transport (68%) and private cars (30%), only 0,6%-2,0% by bike. Bicycles are perceived as means of recreation, not transport. The... »

2003.02.08: Polish National Development Plan

On 14 January 2003 the Polish Government approved a document called Narodowy Plan Rozwoju (National development plan), which will put forward how Poland is going to use the European Union funds in the years 2004 - 2006 (the aid is about 11... »

2002.10.22: Roads not Rights - State of Emergency to be imposed in Poland

Poland is privileged to have relatively few motorways compared to almost everywhere else in Europe, but with EU accession looming, the possibility that the government would keep it this way and instigate a programme of strengthening the... »

2002.10.22: Roads not Rights - interesting regulations in the new Polish law

The draft of the new law on road construction violates not only the Polish Constitution, but also the following acts: Environmental Protection Law, Construction Law, Act on Real Estate Management, Administrative Procedure Code, and the... »

2002.02.21: Anti-roads protest at Ministry of Finance

On Thursday, 21st February, activists from several environmental groups held a protest at the Ministry of Finance's recent decision to cut public spending in sectors such as health care, education and public transport, whilst increasing... »

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